Bird Feeders

Bird Supplies

Bird SuppliesYou can enhance your living landscape when you attract birds to your outdoor setting. You can create a setting that is conducive to birds when you visit Ace and select some of our bird supplies. We carry birdhouses, seed, and much more.

Coles Wild Bird Feed

Ace is proud to carry a full lineup of Coles Wild Bird Feed. As an authorized dealer of this highly popular bird feed, we feature various mixes of feed to attract the birds you want to visit your setting.

Enjoy Your Wildlife Setting

Being a bird enthusiast can add a dimension of peace and beauty to your day. When you outfit your landscape with birdfeeders, birdbaths, and bird feed, you can begin to attract a wide array of regional birds to your landscape. Waking up to birdsong or sitting at the window to enjoy the birds’ winged displays is a wonderful way to enjoy nature right on your own property. Our products will help you maintain bird visitations to your setting so that you can enjoy these creatures from one season to the next.

What Bird Feed Should I Select?

If you have questions about what type of bird seed or other supplies needed to attract birds to your backyard or front landscape, be sure to stop by Ace and talk to our nature enthusiasts on staff. We can help you select the feed that is best for you. For instance, do you want to attract finches to your yard? Be sure to select a seed mix that has thistle. Want to attract more jays and woodpeckers? Be sure to add some crushed peanuts to your mix!

If you want to see more lovely songbirds in your backyard, be sure to have a convenient water source that will attract them, especially during the hot summer months. Tube feeders are also attractive to little songbirds.

Birdhouses and More

Remember that Ace stocks an expansive array of birdhouses, feeders, and other accessories that will help you create an inviting outdoor setting for these critters. We feature various sizes when it comes to bird feeders, birdbaths, and bird seed supplies. Come in to see our amazing selection for yourself or peruse our holdings online.

Our team members can help you find the right mix to attract the regional birds you want to see hanging about your landscape. You’ll find you’ll love your landscape even more when you are able to attract birds to your setting.