Lawn & Garden Chemicals

Lawn & Garden Chemicals

Lawn Garden ChemicalsAce Hardware is here to provide you with everything you need to maintain a healthy landscape. Keep your lawn and plantings their healthiest with our exceptional range of plant and lawn care products.

Healthy Law

A lawn that is both lush and green is a pleasure to behold and a cornerstone of a beautiful landscape and yard. Achieving a healthy lawn and maintaining its health can be a breeze when you use the right lawn-care products in your outdoor setting. Ace customer representatives can help you select nutrients, fertilizers, and other products that can enhance the health of your plantings. In no time, you can correct soil deficiencies and improve the health of your plants.

Many of our products our easy to use and simply require a spreader or sprayer–tools you can find at Ace. If you aren’t sure that type of product will address the needs of your plantings, our staff can help you select the products you need to care for each type of planting on your property.

Control Weeds and Aggressive Plants

Weeds and other invasive plantings can wreak havoc with a landscape unless you know how to tamp their growth. At Ace, you’ll discover that we are weeding experts. We can match you to products that will help you control unwanted weeds and plant growth. From crab grass to poison oak, our weed-control products can help you achieve the look you want for your landscape and prevent unwanted plants from spoiling the effect!

Enhance New Growth

When it comes time to plant new trees and plantings, remember to visit Ace for all your plant-care needs. We have products that will help new roots grow healthy and strong. We also sell products that provide added protection for new plants against common garden ailments and pests. We always strive to meet our customers’ specific needs, so come in and tell us about what plants need special care like roses or hydrangeas. We can match you with the ideal products for your landscape’s needs.

You can achieve the beautiful outdoor setting you have always wanted when you allow Ace to supply you with all your landscape and garden needs. From tools to fertilizer, we offer a comprehensive array of products that can help you install and care for your entire outdoor space. Our friendly staff is ready to help you right now!