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Chainsaw Chain Sharpening
S&S Ace Hardware - Buford
4160 Buford Drive
Buford, GA

Service Description

Apart from the quality and engine power of the chainsaw, cutting performance depends primarily on the choice of cutting attachment and its condition. A properly sharpened, well maintained saw chain makes your work easier. It helps prolong the service life of the whole cutting attachment, consisting of the saw chain, guide bar and chain sprocket.


Standard Chain, Off the Saw$7.50
Standard Chain, On the Saw$12.00
Carbide Chain, Off the Saw$25.00
Carbide Chain, On the Saw$30.00
Grind Depth Gauge$5.00
True Bar Off Saw$5.50
True Bar On Saw$7.50
Install Chain On Saw$5.00
TECH TIP: When does chainsaw chain need sharpening?

Even the best saw chain wears and becomes dull after a certain period of use. It is time to resharpen the chain when one of the following conditions occurs:

  • The chain does not pull itself into the cut, it has to be forced to cut by applying pressure to the powerhead.
  • When bucking, fine sawdust is pulled from the cut instead of coarse, thick chips.
  • Smoking in the cut even though chain lubrication is in order and chain tension is correct.
  • The cut wanders in one direction. This is an indication of dull cutters on one side of the chain or irregular cutter lengths.
  • The saw "chatters" and "bounces" during the cut. In this case you must check the depth gauge settings.

Updated 01/30/2018